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Honoring Our Veterans

As we approach our concert to honor veterans and acknowledge the interior and exterior sacrifices they made, we are highlighting the men and women who have been submitted for recognition and acknowledgement by our community.

Below, one community member shares a brief story about a family member who was under-recognized for her service - and expresses gratitude to be able to publicly acknowledge her service.


Marion Davies Anderson

Women's Army Corp Technical Sergeant

1943-1945, Judge Advocate's Military Justice Office, London, Paris, Frankfurt

My stepmother, Marion Davies Andersen, enlisted in the Women’s Army Corp in 1943, shortly after receiving her law degree. Being an air force WAC, she never rose above the rank of technical sergeant, but, stationed in London as the lawyer that she was, among other legal research tasks, she was on the legal team that organized the logistics of the invasion of Normandy. She followed the troops from London across the English Channel to Paris sitting in the back of an open truck, sleeping in slit trenches.

She was awarded a Bronze Star for Meritorious Service. The American Legion played taps at her funeral. But to her death she carried the pain that WACs were looked down upon by many and their patriotic service was under-recognized.

I am grateful to have this chance to share my love, appreciation and respect for her service and the service of other women in the armed forces.


Scroll through the images and stories below to learn more about the men and women of our community who have served.

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