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The Choir - Chee Bravo

The Choir silkscreen

38”x36”, 2022

I was inspired to create “The Choir” after attending the performance “Out of Silence” at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Trenton during the latter phase of the pandemic. I wanted “The Choir” to capture the essence of that inspiring moment, with the larger than life conductor as the center of attention in the middle ground. Her backdrop is the sacred sanctuary of the high altar. Three suspended crosses and three hanging lanterns symbolize the Trinity, a revered Catholic belief. The foreground is bordered with glowing candles evoking a sense of hope.

“The Choir” has evolved from my ongoing performer series into a new direction which deviates from static performances to my interpretation of motion photography. For this process I’m combining several photos of the suspended movements of my subject, the conductor in this case. This is reminiscent of Muybridge’s 1878 serial photographs showing motion in the early stages of motion photography.

My performer series began with New York subway performers. It has grown to include performers I find in subways from my travels. My 2018 trip to Havana, Cuba, inspired me to expand my performer series. And recently, I’ve been inspired by the people I’ve met in my hometown of Trenton and the surrounding areas. “The Choir” is my latest silkscreen. A digital collage was created from nine photos, then four screens were made to produce the hand pulled silkscreen. There are only five 38”x36” silkscreens in this limited edition.

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