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The Discovery of Music, Art, and Meaning in Path of Miracles

Writer Lori Goldstein shares her insights into the journey that the choir and its artist-in-residence take to perform this contemporary masterpiece

At the conclusion of its successful second season, the professional choir known as The Lotus Project of Trenton is set to embark on its first tour in June. Led by founder and director Alicia Brozovich, the ensemble will perform Joby Talbot’s magnum opus, Path of Miracles. Chee Bravo, the choir’s artist-in-residence, will illuminate the three performances with her captivating, larger-than-life artwork.

Path of Miracles is a 21st century composition that follows El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James), a 500-mile pilgrimage which people have made by foot as long ago as the 10th century. A myriad of routes beginning in France, Portugal, and Spain all share the same destination: the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great, whose remains are believed to be buried in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in northwestern Spain. Originating as a religious pilgrimage, today El Camino annually attracts about 200,000 travelers, many of whom are hikers eager to endure this month-long trek.

Tour Calendar:

June 24, Church of St. Dominic, 250 Old Squan Rd., Brick, NJ

June 25, The Masonic Temple, 100 Barrack St., Trenton, NJ

June 30 St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church, 246 East 15th St., New York, NY

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