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Up Next: Raffle and Path of Miracles Tour

Updated: May 18, 2023

Chee Bravo is hosting a LIVE drawing on May 26 @ 7pm of her limited edition silk screens for our Path of Miracles tour this June. These silk screens have been made into 8' x 11' banners, which will be utilized in each location of the tour.

Tickets are $20 each. For only $20 you can win an original silkscreen (retail value $275) from my newest series "Path of Miracles".

If I raise $1000, I'll raffle 4, making your chances of winning 4x greater...please go to my Fundraiser in my feed to "Donate".

From Artist-in-Residence, Chee Bravo

In March, I had the opportunity to visit Spain and somehow squeezed in a day trip to Burgos. Seeing some of the landmarks in person, and meeting a couple of pilgrims were the highlights that connected me in a small way to this project.

My vision for the immersive portion of The Path of Miracles performance is for each guest to walk under a path of a beautiful, glowing night sky as they enter the venue. I also wanted to highlight the four-part composition with four stations: Roncesvalles, Burgos, Leon and Santiago. These four stations are likened to the Roman Catholic’s 12 stations of the cross. A series of four silkscreens were created from the digital collages of images found along the 500+ miles long walk from France to Spain (The Way of St. James). The station banners were then created from these silkscreened artworks. At each station guests will be invited to place a lit candle along with a penned miracle if they’re willing to share.

A small edition of hand-pulled original silkscreens by the artist will be available for purchase at each venue.

Reserve your tickets or make a gift today!

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